All life in one suitcase – how minimalism makes you free on journeys and in everyday life!

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Do you know that? The next trip is coming up and you are already stressed, because you always have to think so much! Pack your bags and do the last errands so that you are prepared for every “emergency” ?! The classics are there: “Oh, I definitely need a rain jacket, a warm jacket, open shoes, closed shoes, a thin sleeping bag, a neck pillow, drugs against xyz, ….” And suddenly the backpack or suitcase is up to Rand filled up and on trips you realize then that half was not used once! So why stress yourself unnecessarily and carry everything with you? I’ll tell you now why you can definitely down this gear and what positive effects minimalism has had not only on trips but also on my entire life!

How I learned to love minimalism

I have to admit: I tend to take too much viiiel too much when traveling, to always have the right outfit. And in addition comes my irrepressible shopping addiction. But over time, I realized how much more comfortable traveling is, if you really only reduced to the bare essentials. When I traveled to Ibiza for work for a summer season last year, I had TWO large suitcases with me! When I went to Thailand as a digital nomad for the winter, I was only able to get involved in a suitcase. But do you know how annoyed I was after a week, constantly having to pull everything behind me, while the backpackers could easily carry their backpack easy going on their backs? Constantly rummaging in the suitcase in search of the favorite parts, since you always wear the same clothes, someday I was just too stupid. Therefore, during my two and a half months in Thailand, I decided to dispose of and donate some of it. Because it suddenly became clear to me that I finally want to change something. Prioritization to the essential, to minimalism!

It is better to travel light

Before you travel, think about what you really need and what the weather conditions are like in your destination country. In Bali, for example, it was never colder than 20 ° C at night. So here is really enough 1 sweater. Also such things as mosquito sprays eg. You do not have to buy overly in Germany. Did you know that there are even better sprays to buy locally? These are then precisely tuned to the insects on site and usually even cheaper.

Do you really need to make some shoes for a party, walking, beach, sports, etc.? Actually enough but a few solid shoes and a few flip flops / Birkenstocks. Because especially shoes take away a lot of space. Just like care products! When I travel, I hardly use make-up anymore! There is usually enough mascara and a face cream, because you are already very nice suntan from the sun and the beach makes a natural look anyway much better! And that’s also true for everything else, such as drugs that you pack! Please consider exactly what you really need. It really annoys to take too much useless stuff. In an emergency, you can always buy it locally, where it is often cheaper than at home anyway.

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