Fly The World For Free By Just Taking Pictures!

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How To Fly The World For Free- Instagram Millennial Couple Flies Freely By Just Taking Pictures!

This blog post could also be titled; How to fly the world for free! Surely you’re as interested as I was for knowing how to fly the world without having to press my luck on lottery tickets, or awaiting previous corporate bonuses for a family vacation. Most of us, like I am sure you can relate as well, know what it is like! I mean, think about it!

What could be more fun than posting reviews, videos and pictures of new countries you’re visiting while getting paid handsomely for it? I am sure you’ll say that nothing could come close, right? Being most recently surprised to discover that such a quest could actually become easier than fiction portrays it! I embarked!

There is a couple already doing it with super enormous financial success. The couple is somewhat eccentric, flashy and everything in-between beauty accentuates the scenery when you just look at their looks. I mean, charging $3,000 as minimum for an Instagram 5 or so minute post! You are to love this one as well! Two blondes jointly performing together.

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Here is an immediate look at the wow story, a fantastic read.

The only edifying points on my end was actually simple. Those main ones were; what would happen if they broke up? How would they manage such a high valued Instagram account? And how could that hugely successful travel business succeed if, madness, and the matching spark of love vanishes? Being a millennial myself, I confess, this could be a tough one to answer! I am sure and even hopeful by now that this successful couple has made affidavits and contracts in the case emotional chaos breaks lose.

Instagram Millennial Couple Flies Freely By Just Taking

Instagram Millennial Couple Flies Freely By Just Taking

How can you benefit from such news? Yes indeed! Something that is to become insightful of something I am also starting shortly thanks to that story. Some of us could really see ourselves partnering with our wives or hot girlfriends by traveling our own states and international countries on reasonable levels. If it doesn’t work out (which I couldn’t see why not!), it still become memorable therapy to say the least – right? So, here is the line…

How to fly the world for free… to entertain the idea on how many of us will actually do it!

  • Start a WordPress Blog with Your State,

    Country, or In-Demand and Popular City In Mind!Wisely choosing here!We head over to and you buy ourselves the best exact match domain we can think off! For example, if you live in Australia, you try acquiring or Not available? You try or! Any extension with an exact match domain of the state, country or city that you live in could be a winner. The more popular the place is, the better it should be financially on your end long term.

The most important factor to recognize here is to acquire a domain that you can see yourself using 5-10 years from now, or at least selling with ease for a 5 figures sum. A sexy domain name. This is one of the many starting ways to make progress on your quest on how to fly the world for free here.

  • Have Your WordPress Developed Correctly from the Beginning.

    So important here. The key here would be to start a website that is set up for success for viral publicity. A viral sharing WordPress theme with direct response content that induces video and image sharing. Your pictures and your images that is. So important that we get this done correctly from the start as first impression counts as you know. And as you may also remember, you either win a reader or lose one within seconds – just like in real face-to-face conversations with strangers!

  • You Buy Yourself a Camera, Drone and a Camcorder.

    Notice I didn’t recommend or said a Canon, DJI Phantom drone or suggested a Gopro 5haha! No discrimination with bargain alternatives here. As long as you get the job done of at least 720p video resolution, 12 MP of camera shots, and the optional (but highly recommended) effective drone for taking images and videos from 100s of feet away from you – it’lldefinitely do it for a start!

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  • Get Yourself a HOT Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Friend!

    If you’re married, eyes is on the beholder! So quite a few of us are already applying the saying hereJThe key here is to take picture with someone that has way above average looks, so readers like your Instagram, share your Facebook posts and everything you published gets views faster without given it a thought! You know the saying, sex sells! And guys, isn’t it true! Exclamation point at the end, not a question – hey J I’ve been there, done that! Some of us couldn’t even leave our own wife alone at the bar for a few minutes when taking a bathroom break! Beauty sells. We all know it! Make it happen.

  • Immediately Get Acquainted With Necessary Tools.

    Get to know tools like Windows Movie Maker to saythe least. There are many others more advance, but this one gets the job done well. You may find this specific toolalready installed in your laptop or PC. A basic video editing tool that gets the job done, be it with a GoPro or a DJI Phantom Drone.

  • Sign contracts with a lawyer.

    Not a simple affidavit like initially suggested. If you’re serious and see yourself doing this line of work long term and working with your wife, girlfriend or super friend – get signatures into a contract! By downloading a free template online you’ll be able to do cut fees with your local attorney.

Always try being 3 steps ahead of what could happened. You don’t want to wait to have financial and wage your probabilities of your marriage succeeding – that might be worse than poker! And yes, that is even if you might have a George Clooney look alike  Businesses have failed due to divorces and emotional outburst between friends and couples. Play it smart here.

You are the one in control and in charge with your baby business. Control the controllable. Here is an attorney some of us have successfully used in the past; internet attorney,Mike Young. Reach him out when you’re ready. He already has the US forms you need. All that’ll be required will be signatures.

  • Advertise on Facebook!

    Instead of hoping and pressing your luckwith free Facebook shares, viral created memes working on your end and waiting to grow – don’t wait! Grow by investing money on your own long term hobby. Your hobby either becomes a success long term or it doesn’t, but if you’re passionate and like me, you already have said – whatever it takes! Force your own luck by becoming a disciplined paid advertiser in Facebook.

The algorithms in Facebook are already in your favor as their system knows which people are interested in what type of displayed content they’d love to see and read.  Instead of trying Google Adwords, start with Facebook advertising. It is more affordable and more efficient for this type of niche.

More of it! Get yourself agreat SEO Publicist to help you with content and rank your website to the top of Google. Remember point #1? Buying yourself the exact match domain! By hiring someone to work your rankings on a monthly basis you’re supposed to acquire more targeted traffic. Get this one as a priority, especially if you already have spare income to invest. See this new hobby as a long term investment and everything should become simpler and become a new fun experience!

In Recap To Summarize:

You already know how to fly the world for free with the above tips. Execution is now a must! There are people already doing it thanks to the internet. Technology is already available at our disposal.

To start making your dreams of flying the world and getting paid… me

and others close to it recommend:

  • Scheduling a disciplined routine to make fiction, turn into progressive reality!
  • Go into forums, ask question in and post below to ask and clear questions or doubts
  • Get the habit going, begin! Create a snowball effect momentum as soon as yesterday!

There you have it guys. Clear solutions on the interesting and shocking story of millennials flying the world while getting handsomely paid. All in a disclosed “how to”and“what to do”blog post. How good was it guys?

I mean, this is a travel blog on my end and I am personally recommending to become like myself! To share the passion and love of the outdoors just like I am willing to do, freely as of today. Today has gone by and tomorrow is a mystery. What do you think of the idea of flying the world like this Instagram couple?

Do you know others that also know how to fly the world for free? Perhaps you know someone that is,almost secretly, already doing it? Itching to know guys, share some!

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