How to live anywhere for 12 months- Here is How!

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The #1 Way to Live Richly Anywhere in the World for 12 Months!

You have seen the blogs of people flying the world, apparently for free! You have seen how Americans, Canadians, Italians, Europeans, among others – enjoy a new and strange country for months! If you’ve seen the Discovery Channel, or the Travel Channel in your cable network – you know this is actually happening. Regular people like you and me are getting to travel the world! They see the world and stay for months (and even years) without apparent complications. At least that’s what is being portrayed. So let’s see how to live anywhere in the world for 12 months

Here I set myself for discovery. You could find yourself nurturing the idea as well. It seems workable according to person. It even looks simple to do when you get into what’s really required. At last, it may require some heavy commitment and sacrifice from your end to get started.

how to live anywhere in the world for 12 months

how to live anywhere in the world for 12

how to live anywhere in the world for 12

Have a family, kids, or planning to very shortly? That was my first initial thought upon embarking on this quest – that is – how I could actually make this happen! A very valid question depending on who you live with. Certainly, this is something much easier and simpler to do for millennials and single folks.But…

Knowing how to live anywhere in the world for 12 months just got simpler!

It starts with…

  • Finding a Job to Sustain a Living Abroad. I’ve found that one of the simplest ways to accomplish this safely is by becoming a teacher. A competent teacher in an international country. If you live in the US, what other countries are looking to hire an elementary English teacher in Barcelona, Spain? How about an easier target. In Bangkok, Thailand? How about in Davao, Philippines?

One of the ways to increase the chances of getting hired as an English teacher on the spot is by being tested with TOEFL. A widely recognized non-profit by over 9,000 colleges around the world in over 130 countries in the world! This non-profit organization will spark your resume instantly.

Get certified by passing their exam, the company is an ideal and excellent investment for presenting yourself as a possible English teaching candidate.

In return, getting hired as a teacher in a 3rd world destination might not earn you a six figure income like forcefully preached in our western world. However, the satisfaction of doing something of great value and tying it with the international experiences you could receive are priceless. Surely a well-balanced choice on how to live anywhere in the world for 12 months.

Now, how do we get to live richly anywhere in the world for 12 months?

Best approach in my experienced opinion. Like me and countless others, you make a mind shift! You start by defining being “rich” as adventures and memories that’ll last for a lifetime. You set yourself for success with a new job. A job you either become good at (so personal fulfillment sets in), or a job – be it English teaching or not – that you’re passionate and gets you to embrace the world!

Does that sound something you’d entertain in your life my friend? I’m such in love with the idea!

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