3 Memorable Caribbean Places To Visit During Winter

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The beautiful coconut palm lined Luquillo Beach located on the large island of Puerto Rico.

The allure of travel and healthy thoughts of breaking free of the cold weather in winter. Many of us understand how important it is to get away. Getting away for at least one or two weeks during winter to magically warm places would surely be enticing to most of us.

Here you’ll find three excellent places you can escape to warm weather. The three specific countries you can go and escape the -10 F weather. Those specific places where windshield factors aren’t an issue. Where you can walk at night, enjoy a hot cappuccino and experience the breeze of sunshine.

The first 3 places to visit during winter would be:

  • Cuba! One of the best places to visit during winter and for obvious reasons. It is new to most of us in the US, Canada and even around the world. The floodgates have been opened! Thanks to Barack Obama previous democrat administration, this old time forgotten island and divine culture and scenery has once again become one of the best places in the entire world to visit.

Cuba has warm weather in all 4 seasons. Because of it, you don’t have to worry about carrying long sleeves, jeans for every day wear or leather coats to remain warm. The coldest temperature being in the fresh 71 degrees Fahrenheit, there really aren’t many reasons not to make this a top winter destination.

Furthermore, it is one heck of a place to take pictures and gain physical awareness on how lucky most of us are to live in the USA, Canada and in the modern world were no political limitations halt our progress as individuals. You can get more specific tips from one of my developed sites located at tours-cuba.com, or just click here to get specific and important information before setting foot in Cuba.

  • Dominican Republic! Located in the east side ofCuba and jointly between barriers from Haiti, the Dominican Republic is yet another fantastic Caribbean gem. Traditional things such as snorkeling, scuba diving and modern beach resorts would be seen at substantial discounted rates thanks to USD and PESO conversion. A fantastic destination that’s similar to the one of Cancun, Mexico but in the Caribbean – yet more affordable and safer.

Beach resorts, by experience, like Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana makes this one of the best culinary and adventurist places for singles and adult folks alike. Whether it is Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, or Puerto Plata as your selection as places to visit during winter, you will not go wrong with this Caribbean destination. The friendly people, the nightlife, the beaches and the fresh environment makes this one of the best places to set foot during winter season.

Among the most preferred places for folks in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada are Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. If you’re thinking about any of these places in the Dominican Republic – you’re surely to have lots of fun. For even more specifics as to what’s required and other important entry regulations to fly to Dominican Republic from the USAand other international places click here.

Next Caribbean place you should highly consider planning a getaway if you’re in the USA would be:

  • Puerto Rico!A top 10 Caribbean destination according to Travel Channel, TripAdvisor and Discovery in multiple years! That is, due to the islands majestic beaches.The clear waters of “Culebra nearby publicly-owned island, “Palominito” and “Palomino” island near “El Conquistador” hotel at Fajardo, Puerto Rico makes this destination a top 3 Caribbean contender. Probably the best option if you’re in the USA and have been to Hawaii. Being aUSA territorymakes it simpler to visit the 100×35 island as flight hours would be closer in most cases. A known difference between Hawaii and Puerto Rico being simple. Hawaii is a glorified-high-priced destination while Puerto Rico is the bargain version of the modern Caribbean destination to visit during winter season for any family or solo traveler.

Locals call this paradise, “La Isla Bonita” and “La Isla Del Encanto” in their native dialect due to their crystal clear waters and multiple holistic environments. Certainly, one of the favorite places to visit if you’re into; mountain hikes, jetskirides in salt water tours, scuba diving, windsurfing, or plainly having the natural feel of 75 degrees Fahrenheitaverage temperatures hitting your skin.

Pause for a minute and just have your ohhlala moment – most of us can’t help it. Many of us travel here on ongoing basis from Florida to the island, having Latino roots surely helps a ton. So if biodiverse environments is for you, you live in the United States and are on a USD budget, Puerto Rico would be the closest to modern architecture and up-to-date culinary experiences.

Among more reasons why it should be one of the top places to visit during winter if you’re a US Citizen or an American with a permanent VISA living in the United States are two simple reasons. No requirement for a passport if you’re departing from any US state, and no need for a VISA as long as you’ve a validly active, driver’s license from the United States.  A super simple hop and go travel destination if you ask any expat J

So in conclusion! If you’re into a quick getaway, or simply in a much needed 1-2 week vacation for escaping the snow and winter low temperatures – Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico would be among the best places to visit during winter in The Caribbean. Plan your visit in advance and in the case you also have a girlfriend or a wife, make sure to tell her so you don’t get in trouble eh! For more travel and more adventures.

What other destinations have you loved from your own Caribbean places to visit during winter season?I’m sure you guys have a ton of places! Share the wealth and the mysteries guys as this blog is for the adventurist, like you!

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