Things To Do Before Going On Vacation!

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10 Things To Do Before Going On Vacation and Set Yourself To Travel

You have heard the stories, the good tension and the exuberant positive pressure before going on vacation! If you’re anything like many of us, you’ll remember about the routines that you’re likely leaving away. The office work, the clients, the kids, the dogs! Oh we can surely read it. “Who in this world is going to take care of my little ones, my pets and my clients while I am away vacationing?”

Going on a vacation 1,000 and even 10,000 miles – doesn’t matter – causes that type of questioning between those of us with family in our 20s, 30s and beyond. It is something we’ve to deal with or we just don’t vacation. And taking a breather and some fresh air is something every business owner, entrepreneur or employed person must do within reason.

I’ve managed to take care of many of the critical things when vacationing. Since quite a few of us are frequent flyers to either near-by states or bargain destinations alike, I’ve found some great ideas that have required my critical eye.

I’ve found you need to embrace attention to these before vacationing:

  • Manage Your Cashflow!

    You can burn cash very quickly while on vacation. By experience, a place like New York City can get very pricy and out of control within hours of arriving no matter where you’re staying at. Hostels or hotels, you might burn your cash in record time. Therefore, plan your days with a budget and set a specific budget. XY amount of money for every single day. No guessing, just pure planning – just like another good GI Joe would do! I’m telling you, this is of utmost importance, especially if you’re not going solo and travelling with a friend or partner in crime.

  • Make Advance Payments.

    Vacations are getaways, make the most out of each vacation day without having to worry about mortgage payments, credit card payments and the likes. Imagine being with friends and all of a sudden receiving a call to remind you that your Home Depot $ or $25 payment is due today! No, just no! You do that in advance, not on vacation. Especially for $15 and $25 payments, those shouldn’t even become part of your peaceful time. If you’ve kids and they aren’t staying with grandma or grandpa, you guessed it. Pay your nanny in advance. All the things that many of us didn’t do, here for you in writing as most of us know what it is like!

  • Call Your Mobile Company!

    Oh yes. If you’re leaving your state or country and going to an international destination – this is a must! Imaginearriving in Barcelona, Spain and you’re 2 hours away of a Camp Nu game and all you’ve is your phone to get you there with ease! Maps and asking around is cool, but can get quite frustrating when your first language isn’t the native one spoken in your vacationing place. Call AT&T, T-Mobile or any of the popular service providers you’re being serviced. That is, just to make sure roaming is active or that your cell phone signal is affiliated with others in the place you’re arriving.

  • Check for Day Passes, Week Passes and Even Multi-Week Passes!

    The London Pass, The New York Pass, San Francisco City Pass – there are a bunch of options to save on attraction rides and overall, most of your preferred daily adventures. If you’re planning a trip to New York and staying for 5 to 7 days, a “New York Pass” would be a nice savings card that you can get at JFK or at any airport to many historic places such as; The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Moulin Rouge to meet stationary celebrities as mannequin, just to name a few. 20-30% in easy extra savings by buying in advance or taking advantage of some of the city perks already in place. It all comes down to planning your adventures in advance. By planning in advance, you save sometimes up to 40% by event like it happened to me while vacationing for the first time in NYC a few years ago.

  • Download a Top 10 Places To Go Book For Your Vacationing Spot.

    Yes! If you’re going to a popular place, there’s a big chance there could be a “top 10” booklet on restaurants, places to go or attraction places not to miss while visiting XY place. Places like New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Spain, Germany, Sydney and other popular destinations will have tons of options for either a bargain or readily available for free. Download it or buy it in advance, they might come quite handy if you lose signal reception like it has happened to quite a few of us.

  • Download Yelp for IOS or Android.

    Yelp will help you getting acquainted with the best foods around town. If you’re a backpacker and travelling solo, I am confident you’ll like this app.This app allows you to research a restaurant and the best culinary experiences where you’re currently standing, with just your phone and wireless connection. It tracks you via GPS satellite and pinpoints the best restaurants by specific food desires. Want Chinese food? You will get a multitude of options. Want Thai food? You will definitely get a list of nearby places even if you’re in Russia. Once a backpacker, always a backpacker! You will see, lovely app – a complete time saver. The app will list you a complete list of what’s available for immediate breakfast, launch, or dinner. Try it!

  • Download Google Maps.

    Not having to worry about where to go once out of the airport often means greater peace of mind. If you’re in the United States, this app is of daily use. If you’re located internationally, this app is likely to still work. Many of us have used it in Barcelona, The Caribbean, Mexico and countless of destinations you’ll question usability. A nice step to take is to download it, start using it where you live (which is likely to work!) and see how it works prior to arriving at your vacationing spot. Test the tool out first before using it while on vacationing, it’ll be handy while away and could also be a time saver where you currently live.

  • Change Currency Before Arriving at International Destinations

    . This tip alone could save you a ton of money depending with who you travel. If you’re a family of 4 and flying with every single one of your family members, going with $1,000 USD is often not enough if you’re traveling to Europe. Make sure you change USD to Sterling or Pounds prior to arriving in Europe or United Kingdom. Almost all international airports have exchange currency retailers, but there’s a fee involved. Going to your local bank might save you a lot in exchange fees. Do your diligence here in advance so you’re not surprised later.

  • Call Your Bank.

    The last thing you need is getting a second or third transaction declined because you’ve made a $100 plus buffet purchase in Russia, getting your VISA card flagged for possible fraud. For your protection this is standard procedure with most CC companies, call before.

  • Take Pictures of Your Driver’s License, Passport and Credit Cards!

    You might actually ask yourself why in the world I will want to do that. Among the possible, hopefully not ever need, are in the case you get robbed, your luggage gets stolen or sent to another country (it happens), or in the case you personally lose your documents. If you do this, zooming in to your passport document ID, and being able to present your ID via pictures could help you get in to an embassy much faster. Least urgent scenario, it might get you in to the local pub where they ask for IDs by just saying you lost your marbles – your IDs – but you’ve proof of who you say you are, is you! It works, been there and done that – it works.

The idea of planning a vacation is to set yourself with enough peace of mind before arriving. You will have enough tension and positive pressure since you’ll be doing something new. By arriving prepared you’ll enjoy more your time and everything should flow easier as you would have already made a plan.

As you can see many of the things I’ve mentioned here either got you in “aha” moments as you’ve passed through some of them, or you’ll just say – that’s smart! Becoming a travel connoisseur has its perks, that’s for sure. Nothing beats the adventure of travel and wonders of the unknown. Go into the unknown and explore, that’s what many of us call living. Embrace and tell us some of your stories below.

What flying experiences have you had that you add to this list? I think I covered good ones. I’m sure you’ve other 10 things to do before going on vacation – share some!

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