Best destinations to travel in 2018

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Traveling is one of the pleasures that we all crave to break the routine, recharge our batteries, and discover new places around the world. But exits can also become a nightmare if not planned with enough time, because what can be a paradise, could end in a misunderstanding, either because I did not expect to reach a beach during the winter or because the place is not like they painted it the travel agency. Therefore, we have selected the ideal tourist destinations to visit throughout 2018, according to prestige, the relationship between quality / price, attention to tourists and their growing development in this area.

Top 10 destinations to visit in 2018:


It is worth noting that it is the only Latin American country on the Lonely Planet list and that its greatest attraction is the national holidays of February 12.

In 2018 Chile will celebrate the bicentennial of its independence in the streets by drinking wine and pisco sour, despite the fact that its creation is a matter of dispute with Peru.

Imtravelin recommends you visit the Central Valley of Santiago de Chile , recognized by the wine world as a point of reference. The flat topography, the proximity to ports and consumption centers make wine one of its forts, in varieties such as Merlot, Chardonnay, Carménère and Cabernet Sauvignon.

South Korea:

On February 9, 2018, the Olympic Winter Games will begin in Seoul-lo 7017, the new urban complex of the Pyeongchang district. In this place you can encourage the athletes or wait for the night to enjoy the nightlife. While in Asia, if you want to experience another country full of high technology and innovation, you can go to Japan and take a tour in Tokyo, the safest city in the world in 2017, and enjoy a good fish market in Tsukiji Market or visit the Gardens of the Imperial Palace, to enjoy a green space with a lot of silence.


2017 was a year round for the Portuguese environment thanks to 300 of its beaches received the Blue Flag qualification, which certifies them as clean and safe.

In addition, the country managed to get Unesco to recognize two new nature reserves: the São Jorge Fallas, on the Azores Islands and the Tajo-Tejo International Transboundary, which it shares with Spain.

Imtravelin recommends you to enjoy the gastronomic offer of Lisbon with the restaurant Belcanto, of the chef José Avillez, with two Michelin stars; and 100 Maneiras, by Serbian chef Ljubomir Stanisic, with a star

On the other hand, you can also appreciate your stay at the Seteais Palace, where you can see the historic architecture of the city first-hand.


This small East African nation has three completely different spaces. The first is a tropical forest in the Forêt de Day park, where species that can only be found there live like the Francolin bird. The second, Lake Assal, which formed naturally in the cavity of a volcanic crater and finally, the Red Sea, where you can dive to see the whale shark. This impressive animal can reach 14 meters long and feeds exclusively on plankton.

On the other hand, Lonely Planet highlights the combination of cultures, thanks to the fact that in the past Djibouti was an Arab and French colony that left a rich culture for adventurers and fans of history.

Imtravelin recommends you visit Morocco, in North Africa, to witness the best preserved imperial cities in the world, such as Rif, which you will have to walk on because the streets are so narrow that they look like a labyrinth.

New Zealand:

In 2018 this country of Oceania will have ready the Great Walks , a series of paths formed by bridges and stone roads that cross native forests, mountain peaks, large valleys, lakes and rivers. Tourists can use them for free or with a guide, who will offer them food, lodging and transportation during the trip.

Imtravelin recommends visiting New Zealand in July, during the winter, to enjoy sporting walks through the Milford Mountains, where the scenery is beautiful and no prior training is needed.

If you are an expert and want to go mountaineering, we recommend the Torres del Paine, where some scenes from the movie The Hobbit (2012) were recorded.


This archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean has prehistoric architecture of labyrinths, tunnels and catacombs of the Second World War, when it was territory of the British Empire. Valletta, its capital, will become in 2018 the European Capital of Culture, with which it will receive several festivals of baroque cinema and a biennial of contemporary art, among other events. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the warm sea, beaches and an unforgettable summer, Diners recommends you visit Greece, which has the calcídica peninsula, known as ‘El paraíso secreto’, where you can relax and enjoy seafood more fresh from the Aegean.


Georgia borders Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, for its ancient tradition of beer and wine. On the other hand, the publication recommends visiting the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity of Tbilisi, the viewpoint of Batumi overlooking the Black Sea and the beaches of Gagra, located on the west coast of the country.

Imtravelin also recommends you to go to Turkey, to take advantage of the gastronomic offer of modern restaurants such as Mikla or the traditional food offered at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


This island of East Africa, which borders Madagascar, is perfect for enjoying a deep blue sky, paradisiacal beaches, visiting coral reefs, kitesurfing and kayaking. Lonely Planet proposes to visit it because in 2018 Air Mauritius will be born, its own airline and several direct flights from Amsterdam.

Along with Mauricio, Diners recommends you visit other wonderful beaches such as the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador; Crete and Gramvousa of Greece; Ilhabela, from Brazil and Holbox, Mexico perfect to be with your family, enjoy the sunset and rest like never before.


It is one of the largest countries in the world, has high-speed trains and the reopening of the Forbidden City, in Beijing, which was closed for four years for maintenance works. On the other hand, the Shanghai Tower has the observation platform of the world and enabled for visitors.

South Africa:

This country is one of the most popular to visit according to Lonely Planet because of its great offer of beaches, mountains, gastronomy and wine culture. However, you have to visit it, yes or yes, in 2018 for the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s ‘Centenary: Be the legacy’, which will have a series of sports, educational and artistic programs open especially for families, so they can learn about the service, respect, passion and integrity, through a figure like Mandela.

If you are encouraged to go, Imtravelin recommends you stay at the Sabi Sabi, a sustainable tourist reserve, which has 13 luxury cabins that are made to blend in with the paradisiacal landscapes of Kruger, the natural park that is almost as big as Wales.

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