Travel Dissolving Your Negative Beliefs And Explore The World

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How to dissolve your negative beliefs about traveling!

Do you know what bothers you the most, your next big travel trip that you may have dreamed of for so long to become a reality?

Your negative beliefs! But what is that?

Beliefs are thoughts that are deeply rooted in you and therefore true to you. Often you do not consciously realize these, yet they unconsciously determine your thoughts, actions, decisions and thus your whole life every day. Beliefs have usually been anchored as a child through education, experience, and the environment, most of which still determine your life today.

In order for them to have no influence on your future, it is important to be aware of them in order to work as part of the personality development of their dissolution. Recognize your limiting thoughts, dissolve them and start a liberated life with no limits!

Below, I’ll show you possible beliefs that may stand in the way of your journey and how you can dissolve them.

“Travel- I can not afford that”

Of course, you can never and will never afford it if you do not allow it! With this thought, you are in want and stop creating. Ask me “How can I afford it?” So you stimulate your brain for productive solutions and create a way to finance your journey. Ways to make money would be for example fair jobs, waiters or even a job on the assembly line to earn a lot of money in Germany. Or you are looking for a job abroad. Australia would be a great alternative where you can work as an au pair, service or bar force, fruit picker or similar.

You may have thought about these two options – but now I have another ultimate idea for you to earn easy money on the go in order to travel: The magic word is “digital nomadism”. That’s exactly what Feli, Marcus and I use to be location independent. As a start, there are jobs as a virtual assistant super, where you can support eg social media management, customer support, preparation of accounting, scheduling, etc. online via digital project management tools. Here are the possibilities really huge. You do not need a work visa – just your laptop, mobile phone and have a small business registered in Germany to write as a self-employed (r) bills.

“I can not take time off in my job/studies”

Okay, as a student this is really easier than when you’re already working, but even with a steady job, it’s not impossible! It always depends on how much you really want it and how much effort your possibly hottest time in life is worth!

When you are working, ask yourself the following questions: “Have I ever asked my employer if a longer absence would be possible?” If not, then do it! “Do I want to stay in this company forever or do I also dare to apply elsewhere after my stay abroad?” There is not just one company you can work with! To take this risk, contrary to our natural security needs but in my opinion you have to jump sometimes! And maybe there will be other great opportunities that you have not thought about yet!

If you are a student you can either travel to the big wide world during the semester break, between Bachelor and Master or simply during your vacation semester and learn so much! Maybe you’re saying “I have to study in regular time to get a good job.” Sorry but there I have to contradict you, at least in my experience that’s not crucial. For many, especially international companies it is even advantageous if you have been abroad for a long time. It improves language skills, lets you develop your skills personally and gets to know different cultures.

“A gap in the CV does not look good!”

It does not matter if you study 1 or 2 semesters longer. Most employers find it great to have experience abroad and often give you an edge over the competition. It is increasingly important for companies to have experienced intercultural exchange. You get to know different cultures while traveling, you can take different perspectives, you are independent, resilient and cosmopolitan. Connect your stay abroad now with a social project or language lessons, perfect! All the better, because then you have something directly convincing, which you can tell in your next job interview.

“I have not planned anything yet”

That’s exactly what the fun of life can be! You may never again be as free in your decisions and actions as in a stay abroad! So you do not have to have everything planned down to the last detail. Choose a starting country and location, book a one-way flight and accommodation for the first few days. Everything else will arise then! You get to know the country and its people, especially other travelers in hostels. This will tell you which things you should definitely see and maybe get to know a nice travel buddy. That’s why I do not need a travel guide for longer trips, where you’re not limited in time. Just let yourself drift and enjoy life.🙂

“I do not speak well enough English / Spanish, …”

Did you know that our school English, even if you were bad, is still far better than that of Italians or Asians, for example? Since you are really smart! And they also travel and get along great with it. Also with semi-professional English. So do not argue that your language skills are not good enough. After all, you’re also going to travel to better understand the language later than before. You do not have to be perfect! Once you get there, you’ll get used to it very quickly. And in case of an emergency: Germans can be found everywhere!

“Traveling alone is not for me”

For a longer trip it is sometimes not so easy to find someone who would like to travel to the same countries, has time in the same period and is in sync with you! Nevertheless, your dream does not fail. You’re an adult, smart, strong and old enough to be able to do these insane experiences on your own!

Most of the time it gets even hotter if you really get on your own all the way. This will help you get to know other travelers much faster, experience more things and be open to much! I find it always crass and incredibly great to see how many like-minded people frolic in hostels in one place! With these you can spend part of your time abroad together, share experiences and experience great adventures.

Did you recognize yourself in some aspects? Do not be stopped by your beliefs, which are already outdated anyway. Refresh them, live your dreams and start NOW!

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