Vacation Every Weekend for $20 a Day in The US

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3 Ways to Go On Vacation Every Weekend for $20 a Day in The US!

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“Are you nuts?”For only $20 a day, actually vacation in the USA?

“You must be drinking the wrong Kool-Aid buddie!”

Oh, that’s what I got when I presented the challenge to one of my friends. I said; “Listen, I am going to vacation my way into a $20 a day vacation treat.” And you guessed it, I got the “get out here” response faster than a subway train approaching their top subway speed!

If you actually get to think of it, it could actually get simple independently of what you may think. What is a vacation I asked myself? For me and millions of others, it is just something that gets us closer to therapy. Something that relieves the pressure, tension or free us of any adult worry for a certain period of time. Something that makes us happy and re-energized, for you as well, perhaps? That is a first.

Second, if you’re on a budget like most of us responsible are – you think! And guys I am telling you, the air around me felt worse than a YouTube documental on China air pollution.The burn in my brain was a worthy one. However, answers were actually simple and under $20 dollars!

Going on a Hike!A very simple therapeutic favorite of many Americans and a trendy option worldwide. Not only it is healthy and therapeutic for some, you can do it under $10 depending where you live.Think Wendy’s, think Subway, think water and think on your feet with shoes! That is all it takes. If not, just add $10 of gas and if you’re in Central Florida you’ll have enough parks nearby to hike.

Rent a Bicycle and Enjoy The Scenery!One of the amazing things of the popular and expensive cities is that they’ve got plenty of options and competition. If you’re in NYC, specifically, Central Park – you’ll be able to rent a bike for a complete day for under $20 for 6 hours. That is, with one of the Citi Bank blue bikes that are parked in every corner. You don’t have to be in New York to find out about this. Any popular destination is likely to have bike rentals! Even better, bring your own if you’ve one and you exchange the savings for an afternoon buffet. You really have lengthy options here!

Play Tennis with a Friend!Yet another option you can do for peanuts. Think Walmart $10 rackets and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a healthy sport, losing some weight and having a great time if sweating is your thing! Options for everyone here. Too costly and it isn’t $20 in your nearest store? Split 50-50% with your friend or wife!Even better, why not let your friend or lover pay instead of you while you give the YouTube basic lessons? Aha!

It all resides on your creativeness here and what you define as vacation. One of Google’s fine definition on “vacation”is set as; “the action of leaving something one previously occupied!” Now, if you’re a workaholic like me or simple work 5-6 days a week, my friend, I am betting you’ll call that 1st day or 2nd day of the free weekend a vacation – better yet – magical vacations!

Get creative, add some spark to your loved ones with the above 3 creative options. You will find that the only thing require for a cheap way to vacation every weekend is the willingness to say…I am in!

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